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File:Coolspotters screengrab.jpg
Screenshot of as of March 2009
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Social Networking, Celebrity, Shopping
Available language(s) English
Owner Fanzter, Inc.
Launched May, 2008
Alexa rank 64,821[1]

Coolspotters is a web site focused on the products and brands used by celebrities and trendsetters. The site launched in public beta on May 7, 2008 by Fanzter, Inc.[2]



The features of Coolspotters are primarily focused on creating connections between celebrities, products, and brands.[3] Information is entered onto the site by its users.


  • Coolspotters won an Open Web Awards for best fashion application (won both Blogger and People's Choice), 2009.[4]


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Coolspotters has received interest from blogs and minor notice in online magazine articles, including, TechCrunch, CNBC,,,, and

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