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Developer(s) Massimiliano Guastafierro
Written in JavaScript
Operating system Cross platform
Type Web application framework
License Mozilla Public License 1.1

CougarXML is an XML Parser written in Javascript using an Object-Oriented approach (OOP). This library parse an XML code and convert it into an object that can be manipulated with DOM Level 3 standard API (W3C). It was released in March 2009 on Google Code platform by Massimiliano Guastafierro.

CougarXML is free and open source software (FOSS), licensed under the Mozilla Public License 1.1.



  • Source code Free and Open under terms of Mozilla Public License 1.1
  • No external runtime required
  • Usable with any Javascript 1.4+ engine
  • DOM Level 3 Compliant
  • Non-validating XML Parser
  • Syntax checking
  • Well-form checking
  • API easy to learn and use

Future development

  • Support for every Non-validating XML 1.0 feature (Entities, Attlists, Notations etc.)
  • Support for XML to JSON conversion using JsonML (JSON Markup Language)
  • Support for Unicode (XML specifications)


The latest version of CougarXML is downloadable from the Google Code Project Hosting. Also, it is possible to use the SVN version to get the most actual code:

$ svn checkout cougarxml


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