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Developer(s) Jean-Denis Brun
Stable release 3.0.0 / April 2, 2009
Operating system Cross platform
Available in PHP
Type Web analytics
License GPL

CrawlTrack is an open source web analytics program for webmasters.


  • Web site statistics, giving number and origin of visitors (referrer, key word used, country of origin); pages viewed and bounce rate.
  • Crawler visits statistics (indexation crawlers like GoogleBot), hits number and pages viewed by crawlers.
  • Indexation in the main search engines follow-up (backlinks and indexed pages).
  • Record and blocage of certain type of hacking attempts (code injection or SQL injection).
  • Download counter.
  • Record of number and origine of 404 errors.

That script has to be installed on the webmaster own server, so he keep control of datas. Several sites can be audited by the same CrawlTrack installation. The tag used is a php one, giving absolutely no out-put in the source code (and so on the site pages).

The script is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Turkish.

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