Crystal Space

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Crystal Space
File:Crystal Space logo.svg
Developer(s) Jorrit Tyberghein et al.
Stable release 1.4.0 / 2010-1-25; 347182299 ago
Platform Cross-platform
Type 3D engine
License GNU LGPL

Crystal Space is a framework for developing 3D applications written in C++ by Jorrit Tyberghein and others. The first public release was on August 26, 1997.[1] It is typically used as a game engine but the framework is more general and can be used for any kind of 3D visualization. It is very portable and runs on Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X. It is also free software, licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License, and was's Project of the Month for February 2003.[2]

It can optionally use OpenGL (on all platforms), SDL (all SDL platforms), X11 (Unix or GNU/Linux) and SVGALib (GNU/Linux). It can also optionally use assembler routines using NASM and MMX.


Engine design

Crystal Space is programmed in object oriented C++. It is very modularly built with a number of more or less independent plugins. The client programs use the plugins, like the OpenGL 3D renderer, by registering them via Crystal Space's Shared Class Facility (SCF).


Crystal Space has modules for 2D and 3D graphics, sound, collision detection and physics through ODE and Bullet.

  • Graphics:
  • Mesh objects:
    • Plugin-based mesh system
    • Triangle-based meshes with frame and bone animation support
  • Collision detection and dynamics:
    • ODE and Bullet dynamics
    • Simplified collision detection when full dynamic simulation is not needed

See also


  1. Release history of Crystal Space from the Internet Archive
  2. Project of the Month, February 2003

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