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File:Cn1 wiki1.jpg
Hosting Kim Waldauer
File:Feed-icon.svg RSS Quicktime Medium (480x360)
Updates Biweekly
Length Two to seven minutes
Camera Robert Christophe
Direction Robert Christophe
Production Kim Waldauer
Robert Christophe
Debut October 3, 2006
Genre Comedy
Cited as A YouTube Comedienne of the Year by Glamour Magazine
Provider YouTube, Revver, iTunes, Miro, etc.
Website Cube News 1

Cube News 1 is a bi-weekly comic video about surviving life in the corporate cubicle.  From Cube News Central, her cubicle, Kim, a high-spirited cube worker, does these two to five minute 'cube-casts' covering such topics as “Feeling Postal”, coping with office rage, “Chair Butt”, the peril of sedentary work, and “Cube De-Coder”, deciphering corporate gibberish.

A recent addition is the spin-off The Adventures of Cubegirl (Cubegirl), a cubicle worker by day but super-hero when needed, who collates faster than a copy machine, and is saving the world, one cubicle at a time.  This serial follows the exploits of our intrepid heroine, impeded only by her weakness from gypsum dust, as she rescues coworkers from various forms of corporate abuse.  These five to seven minute videos of Kim's alter ego are done on a broader scale than Cube News 1, with various sets, supporting cast, special effects, and, of course, the occasional elaborate sword play.</div>


Web sources

Widely distributed, Cube News 1 and Cubegirl may be viewed and/or subscribed to (in the same subscription feed) at the Home Website[1]; at YouTube[2]; at Revver[3]; at Veoh[4], where Cube News 1 is a Premium Publisher; at MiroGuide[5]; at Podcast Pickle[6]; at[7]; and elsewhere.

In addition, one may subscribe at PodcastAlley[8], at the iTunes Library[9], at Amigofish[10], or simply by using the RSS Feed[11] in any aggregator such as Miro, myPodder, iTunes, Adobe Media Player[12], etc.


The history of the show is the history of the collaborative team of Kim Waldauer and Robert Christophe who come to podcasting with credentials from the old old medium, stage.  Kim, actress comedienne, producer, director, author and Christophe, actor[13], author, mime[14], director, producer, cinematographer met while working at the Brick Playhouse in Philadelphia, shortly after Kim received her BFA from the University of The Arts.

There they created a number of plays[15]. Christophe received several Barrymore awards[16] for his efforts from the Theater Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, the highest award Philadelphia has to offer.

This critical and audience acclaim led them to found the production company Red Road Productions (now defunct), which gave Kim the opportunity to further her directing skills[17].  Their productions ran in Philadelphia and New York and toured colleges and schools along the Mid-Atlantic region.

Wanting to create something more lasting, they moved to LA in 2001 where they did the usual things[18] to try to get into the writing and acting business, including standup for Kim.

Along the way they had been writing a movie, The Bedstand[19][20], which they finally produced independently and released in October 2005.  While this received critical approval[21], it did not provide an immediate source of income that replaced the production costs.

Thus, in 2002, Kim found herself working in an office cubicle.  The stiltedness and frequent foolishness of it all slowly got to her, and, through her venting, to her husband.  Noting that she did have a humorous, albeit strong, way of expressing her ire, he suggested that it be put to use in a comedy sketch and Cube News 1 was born.

While the early Cube News 1 episodes were largely scripted, Kim now improvises virtually every episode with no less polish due to her professional performing background and strong feelings about the absurd.

Many episodes are suggested by (very welcome) viewers' e-mails[22] containing their experiences and questions about workplace issues.  Apparently Kim is not alone.

Podworld participations

Since its first appearance (YouTube, August 2006), Cube News 1 has had millions of viewings, nearly 10,000 subscribers, and, at the time of this writing, Oct 2007, is listed as a top 25 Comedic show there.  Acknowledging its popularity, YouTube invited Cube News 1 to participate in its revenue-sharing partnership program in July 2007.  YouTube has featured the video series on its Entertainment, News & Politics and Home pages.

In its "Women of the Year" issue, Glamour Magazine[23] honored Cubegirl 's star with a citation as one of YouTube's best comediennes of 2007 and the inclusion of a sample video (Cubegirl 's first episode).  Similarly, in March 2008, Kim was featured on Podshow's "Best Women on YouTube"[24].

Video coverage of Cube News 1 includes a segment on the television show "Torrent"[25], an interview by "Viral on VEOH"[26] that contains a great deal of additional background and setup information, and a review by "Podcast Salad"[27].

Kim's video participations include her explanation of what marriage is all about, from a somewhat off-center view, on "The Ointment"[28], a comedic news and interview show; a promo, by invitation from VEOH (where Cube News 1 is a Premium Publisher), for the "Viral on VEOH" series[29]; and, again by invitation, an example video question for the CNN/YouTube 2007 national Democratic and Republican presidential candidate debates[30].  This became a viral video, getting play on, amongst many other places, commercial television.

From Warsaw, Poland, Kim was invited to do an audio interview on Sites Collide[31].  This is one of her few serious discussions about her podcasts and podcasting in general.  Also audio are her interviews on "The Daily Special"[32] and American Public Media's "Marketplace Money", Jan 2008 [33].  Kim's text interviews include "Yahoo Picks[34] and "Rumor Mill News"[35].

The Cube News 1 text citations include The Wall Street Journal [36], Time [37], "Yahoo Pick of Week"[38], and Revver's Editor's Pick[39].


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