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Cute Overload is a weblog consisting of photos and videos of cute animals. The site was created by Megan Frost. It is consistently in Technorati's Top 100 most popular weblogs and, according to Alexa Internet, it receives an average of 40,000 visits per day[1].



Cute Overload won the Webby Awards 2006 "People's Voice" honors in the blog category.[2][3] It also won the 2007 Bloggies for Best American Weblog.[4]

"Rules of Cuteness"

The website has created "Rules of Cuteness", which is an evolving list of characteristics of cuteness.

Examples of "The Rules of Cuteness"

  • Rule #1: Putting your paw up.
  • Rule #5: Fisheye lens + baby animal is always cute.
  • Rule #10: If you haven't grown into your feet yet.
  • Rule #15: Disproportionate ratio between relative ear to head size.
  • Rule #20: Showing your paw pads.
  • Rule #25: Dangling your paw.
  • Rule #30: If your breath shows in the form of your stomach moving in a quick, fluttering fashion.
  • Rule #35: If you try and eat your own appendage.
  • Rule #40: Finding (and sleeping in) a sunbeam.


A jargon specific to Cute Overload has also developed over time, called the "cutecabulary," which includes coined words in frequent usage, such as "Baroo?" (what?), commonly applied to an image of a dog tilting its head to either side, "snorgle" (snuggle) and "Kronsche" (crunch). Other words include: tocks (buttocks), puppeh (puppy), kittayns (kittens), kitteh (kitty).


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