Cutting Ties (web series)

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Cutting Ties
Format Drama
Starring Victor Martins
Peter Neudel
Julia Short
Phil Blaisdell
Adam J. Dixon
Annie Colcord
Country of origin File:Flag of the United States.svg United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 5 Episodes Per Season
Running time Approx. 7 minutes
Original channel IFC
Original airing 2009
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Cutting Ties is an American television and web series, which airs on the IFC in the United States. The series centers on Evan Senipilut, who lives in a mundane world, works in a corporate job and goes home to a boring married home life. A series of pranks, however, begins to interfere with his life, and Evan soon realizes his alter-ego twin has been causing the raucous. Evan must struggle with his subconscious to take back control of his destiny.[1]

The show is produced and filmed in Boston by Realeyez Independent Cinema.




Name Actor Role
Evan Senipilut Peter Neudel Evan must battle his altar ego to get control of his life.
Stephen Victor Martins
Samantha Senipilut Julia Short Evan's Wife.
Richard Phil Blaisdell Evan's Boss
Herbert Adam J. Dixon Evan's co-worker.
Nancy Annie Colcord The office secretary.


Position Name
Sam N. Powell Director/Editor/Cinematographer/Co-Writer
Peter Neudel Director/Co-Writer
Eric Neudel Assistant Director/Assistant Editor
Isabelle Darling Line Producer
Nancy Powell Production Assistant
Ross Cannon Production Assistant
Christopher Pike Assistant Editor


Season 1 (200)

# Title Original airdate Production code

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