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Cyber Girl of the Year (also CGOY) is a title given to the year's most popular model in Playboy's Cyber Club Cyber Girls feature.



The popularity of the models is determined by a two tiered internet voting system of Cyber Club members. Each week, the Cyber Club posts photos of a new Cyber Girls of the Week (CGOW).[1][2] At the beginning of each month, the Cyber Club members vote for their favorite model from among the previous month's CGOW.[1] The winner then produces four additional pictorials and videos and debuts as the Cyber Girl of the Month (CGOM) four months later (usually announced on the first Friday of the month). The first CGOW was Stephanie Heinrich in August 2000,[3] and she also became the first CGOM in January 2001. At the end of the year the 12 CGOM's are entered into another online vote.[2] The Cyber Girl of the Year is usually announced in April of the following year and becomes the Cyber Girl of the Year for that specific year. She then will produce additional pictorials and videos during the following year of publicity.

While the Cyber Girls feature began in August 2000, the first Cyber Girl of the Year didn't debut until April 2002 after voting was done on the 12 CGOM for 2001.

Cyber Girls of the Year