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Type Private
Founded March 15, 2005
Headquarters File:Flag of France.svg Paris, France
Key people Cédric Tournay, CEO
Benjamin Bejbaum, Co-founder
Olivier Poitrey, CTO
Martin Rogard, MD France
Joy Marcus, MD US
Employees 94 (November 2009)
Slogan Regarder, publier, partager (Watch, publish, share)
Website http://www.dailymotion.com
List of domain
Alexa rank 91, 13 in France
Type of site video sharing
Advertising contextual & video ads
Registration Optional
(required to upload/comment)
Available in 19 Countries and 12 languages
Launched March 15, 2005
Current status active

Dailymotion is a video sharing service website, based in Paris, France. Its domain name was registered one month after YouTube (but the site opened one month earlier) with gandi.net, a French internet domain name provider, and at least one name server is based in France with the .fr name extension.

Since February 18, 2008, the site supports video content that can play at 720p on an HD set, but the bit rate is significantly less than the 5–9 megabits for expected HD quality.[1]

As of April 2009, the site was getting over 55 million unique visitors monthly and visitors viewed approximately 17 billion pages since the start of the year.[2] As of January 2008, the site was getting about 16,000 new videos posted daily, and page views in excess of 26 million per day [3] As of January 2009, Dailymotion had a global Comscore ranking of 42.[2]



Dailymotion allows users to browse videos by searching tags, channels or user-created groups; the search system also introduces results based on things other users have searched for. The maximum size of a video file is 2 gigabytes. The length of the video file is also limited to 20 minutes, except for the MotionMakers and the Official Users.

Videos uploaded by users to Dailymotion are converted to the VP6 codec at a resolution of 320×240. Audio on Dailymotion videos is encoded as MP3 at 96 kbit/s in stereo.

In February 2008, the HD quality (1280 × 720 pixels and 1.58 to 1.85 Mb/s) was created, for the MotionMakers only.

In October 2008, the HQ quality (512 × 384 pixels, 30 images per second, H.264 is used for images and AAC at 96 kb/s for the sound) was created.

On June 2, 2009, Dailymotion[4] announced on their blog that they were going to introduce HTML 5 and that their existing 300,000 videos were going be converted to Ogg Theora + Vorbis. This ensures that a user does not need a Flash plug-in to view videos on Dailymotion but needs to have an HTML 5-compatible browser such as Firefox 3.5 or Google Chrome 3. Only MotionMaker videos are re-encoded in Ogg.

MotionMaker and Official User

MotionMaker is a group for the original content creators. Official User is a group for the official content producers (record labels, film studios, news media, television channels, sports associations, political parties...).

A MotionMaker or an Official User can :

  • Customize his profile.
  • Upload videos of unlimited length.
  • Upload HD quality videos.
  • Benefit of an increased visibility.
  • Have a OfficialContent/CreativeContent overlay affixed on his video thumbnails.

Blocking of Dailymotion


According to the article Tunisia: Video-sharing website Dailymotion Blocked! written by Reporters sans Frontières (Paris) April 11, 2007, Omar Mestiri, an editor of the opposition online newspaper "Kalima", is a victim of judicial harassment. Reporters Without Borders has said that a libel suit could result in a three-year prison sentence. RWB organization also called on the authorities to stop blocking Dailymotion, which has been inaccessible in Tunisia since April 1, 2007.

Reporters Without Borders said:

The lawsuit against Mestiri is absurd because it is based on an online article that cannot even be accessed from within Tunisia ... But we take this case very seriously. The three and a half year sentence imposed on lawyer Mohammed Abbou in April 2005 for an article posted online showed how the Tunisian courts are controlled by the government and how a libel suit can lead to a heavy sentence.

The press freedom organisation added:

The censorship of Dailymotion's website shows that the government, which is as paranoid about the Internet as it is about the traditional press, is ready to ban tens of thousands of inoffensive videos in order to block a handful it does not like.

The suit against Mestiri was brought by Tunisian lawyer Mohammed Baccar over an article posted on September 5, 2006 accusing him of fraud and forgery. Mestiri was summoned by the deputy state prosecutor to respond to a charge of libel on March 29. Mestiri's lawyers have challenged the suit's legal basis on the grounds that Kalima's site is blocked in Tunisia and the article couldn't have been accessed there.


As with many other websites, Dailymotion was blocked by the Chinese government on August 29, 2007.[citation needed]


Dailymotion was blocked in Turkey for a time in August 2008 and again later in May 2009. No reason was given for either block.[5] See also Internet censorship in Turkey.

Copyright protection

Dailymotion with the help of Audible Magic, implemented an acoustic fingerprinting system that can detect copyrighted videos and not publish them.[6] Dailymotion is also the first video sharing website to implement a video fingerprinting solution supplied by INA.[7]

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