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DeskSite is a privately held media company based in Orange County, California. The company operates a video advertising network expressly designed to target television budgets from national advertisers. Instead of streaming video in real-time over the Internet, video content is downloaded in advance and made available for playback only after the entire video has finished downloading, enabling far higher video resolution and permitting offline playback.[1].



DeskSite was founded in 2003 by Richard Gillam.[2] The first several years were spent designing, testing, and deploying various beta versions of the technologies and the business models.[3]

The company’s legal name is QDOS, Inc. DBA DeskSite. QDOS stands for Quick & Dirty Operating System, the original name for the 86-DOS operating system. DeskSite was derived from combining the words desktop and website. DeskSite is both the company name as well as the name of their consumer-facing software application.[3]

Notable events

The company initially provided products to Universal Music Group for several of their largest acts, including Eminem and 50 Cent.[4] Their client list includes additional record labels and sports franchises.[5][6]

Business Summary

The company builds and promotes individual software applications customized around a particular entertainment brand, and then delivers HD video content via these software portals directly to consumer desktops, thus bypassing email and websites.[2]

Video entertainment is specialized on an application by application basis, and includes offerings from sports teams, music artists, comedy acts, etc.[7]

By aggregating ad space across a large number of these desktop video channels (spanning various entertainment brands and categories), the company can broadcast video commercials to millions of consumers simultaneously, similar to network television.[8]

Corporate Affairs


The company’s headquarters are in Aliso Viejo, California, with technology offices in Mumbai, India, and marketing offices in Los Angeles, California.[9]


Richard Gillam (2003 – present).[10]


Peter Farrelly, Richard Gillam (Chairman), Joe Pytka, Sid Ganis, and Ness Wadia.[11]


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