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Desktoptwo screenshot
Developer(s) Sapotek
Stable release Beta
Type Web application
License AGPLv1 Creative Commons
Website Official Desktoptwo Website

This service is currently not available (or at least the site is down)

Desktoptwo is a free Webtop developed by Sapotek (it's also been called a WebOS although Sapotek states on its website that the term is premature and presumptuous) that mimics the look, feel and functionality of the desktop environment of an operating system. The software is currently in beta stage. It has a Spanish version called Desktoptwo is web-based and requires Adobe Flash Player to operate. The web applications' found on Desktoptwo are built on PHP in the back end. Features include drag-and-drop functionality.[1] Sapotek has liberated all the web applications found on Desktoptwo through Sapodesk on an AGPL license.

Desktoptwo belongs to a category of services that intend to turn the Web into a full-fledged platform by using web services as a foundation along with presentation technologies that replicate the experience of desktop applications for users. In a "Cloud OS" the functionality of a server is granularized and abstracted as Web services that Web developers can use to create composite applications similar to how desktop software developers use several APIs of the OS to create their applications. Sites like Facebook attempt to create a similar effect by exposing their APIs and allowing developers to create applications upon these.

Some of the features currently found on Desktoptwo are: File sharing, Webmail, Blog creator, Instant messenger, Address book, Calendar, RSS Reader and Office productivity applications.

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  1. Desktoptwo. Wow! - Network World

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