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File:Dev-C++ logo.png
Dev-C++ Screenshot with the "Hello World" program
Developer(s) Bloodshed Software
Stable release / 2005-2-22; 501920918 ago
Written in Delphi
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Linux (alpha only)
Development status Inactive
Type Integrated development environment
License GNU General Public License

Dev-C++ is a free integrated development environment (IDE) distributed under the GNU General Public License for programming in C and C++. It is bundled with MinGW, a free compiler. The IDE is written in Delphi.

The project is hosted by SourceForge. Dev-C++ was originally developed by programmer Colin Laplace. Dev-C++ runs exclusively on Microsoft Windows.

Bloodshed Dev-C++ is a full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the C and C++ programming languages. It uses the MinGW port of the GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) as its compiler. Dev-C++ can also be used in combination with Cygwin or any other GCC-based compiler.[1]

One additional aspect of Dev-C++ is its use of DevPaks, packaged extensions on the programming environment with additional libraries, templates, and utilities. DevPaks often contain, but are not limited to, GUI utilities, including popular toolkits such as GTK+, wxWidgets, and FLTK. Other DevPaks include libraries for more advanced function use.

Dev-C++ is generally considered a Windows-only program. There is also a Linux version available, but it is in alpha and has not been updated since July 2002.



Users of Dev-C++ can download additional libraries, or packages of code that increase the scope and functionality of Dev-C++, such as graphics, compression, animation, sound support and many more. Users can create Devpaks and host them for free on the site. Also, they are not limited to use with Dev C++. The site says "A typical devpak will work with any MinGW distribution (with any IDE for MinGW)".

Development status

The project is no longer noticeably active, with no news posted nor any updated versions released since February 22, 2005. However there is a development team that has taken the Dev-C++ IDE and added new features such as support for multiple compilers and a RAD designer for wxWidgets applications. This IDE can be found under the name wxDev-C++.

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