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Chargoon Didgah
File:Chargoon Didgah Logo.png
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Chargoon Didgah Enterprise
Developer(s) Chargoon
Website chargoon.com/didgah
Didgah Login Page - Persian

Didgah is the major product of Chargoon. Didgah is a product that based on collection of Web-based software. This software product includes several integrated fields such as "Office Automation", "Financial & Management", "Human Resources" and "logistics". Due to be mechanized Office-Communications, the product's customers are usually large government organizations.

This software registered in Iranian software registration secretary in Ministry of Culture on March 2009.[1][2]

Didgah is software that government or private companies with large scales are in use. Due to the nature of these Web-based software, this software organizations via the Internet is accessible to users.[3]




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