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is a type of advertising that typically contains text (i.e., copy), logos, photographs or other images, location maps, and similar items. In periodicals, display advertising can appear on the same page as, or on the page adjacent to, general editorial content. In contrast, classified advertising generally appears in a distinct section, was traditionally text-only, and was available in a limited selection of typefaces.

Display advertisements are not required to contain images, audio, or video: Textual advertisements are also used where text may be more appropriate or more effective. An example of textual advertisements is commercial messages sent to mobile device users , emails etc.,

One common form of display advertising involves billboards.

Yahoo is the leader in online display advertising.[citation needed]

On the Internet

Display advertising also appears on the Internet, as a form of internet marketing. Display advertising appears on web pages in many forms, including web banners. These banners can consist of static or animated images, as well as interactive media that may include audio and video elements. Adobe Systems Flash or .gif are the preferred presentation formats for such interactive advertisements. The Interactive Advertising Bureau, an industry trade group, sets some standards for online shapes.

Banner ad standards have changed over the years to larger sizes, in part due to increased resolution of standard monitors and browsers, in part to provide advertisers with more impact for their investment. The standards continue to evolve.

Typical web banner, sized 468×60 pixels.




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