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Original author(s) Martin Pool
Developer(s) Fergus Henderson
Stable release 3.1 / 21 November 2008
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Compiler
License GNU General Public License
Website http://distcc.googlecode.com/

In software development, distcc is a tool for speeding up compilation of source code by using distributed computing over a computer network. With the right configuration, distcc can dramatically reduce a project's compilation time.

It is designed to work with the C programming language (and its derivatives like C++ and Objective-C) and to use GCC as its backend, though it provides varying degrees of compatibility with the Intel C++ Compiler and Sun Microsystems' Sun Studio Compiler Suite[1]. Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, distcc is free software.



distcc is designed to speed up compilation by taking advantage of unused processing power on other computers. A machine with distcc installed can send code to be compiled across the network to a computer which has the distccd daemon and a compatible compiler installed.

distcc works as an agent for the compiler. A distcc daemon has to run on each of the participating machines. The originating machine invokes a preprocessor to handle header files, preprocessing directives (such as #ifdef) and the source files and sends the preprocessed source to other machines over the network via TCP either unencrypted or using SSH. Remote machines compile those source files without any local dependencies (such as libraries, header files or macro definitions) to object files and send them back to the originator for further compilation.

distcc version 3 also supports a mode (called pump mode) in which included header files are sent to the remote machines, so that preprocessing is distributed too.

Related software

ccache is another tool aimed to reduce the compilation time by caching the output from the same input source files. ccache can also use distcc as its back end providing distributed compiling if it's not already cached by using the CCACHE_PREFIX environment variable.

distcc is an option for distributed builds in Apple's Xcode development suite.

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  1. Martin Pool (2007-02-23). "distcc frequently asked questions". Distcc.googlecode.com. http://distcc.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/doc/web/faq.html. Retrieved 2009-10-19. 

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