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District Cut
URL http://DistrictCut.com/
Slogan DC's Premier Men's Fashion Blog
Type of site Blog Fashion Fashion blog
Launched January 2008
Current status Active

DistrictCut.com is a fashion blog with a focus of men's fashion in Washington, DC.[1] Formerly known as KidGQ, the site went through a renovation and name change due to legal issues with Conde Nast and the GQ Publication.[2]

Not receiving notable praise until early 2009, District Cut is vastly becoming one of the most popular fashion sites in Washington, DC.[3]



Solely edited by an unknown DC-native, it is should be surprisingly noted that he is only 18-years-old but is said to be far beyond his years.[4]


District Cut publishes between 5-10 posts daily, Monday through Friday, and often links to other noted Washington, DC fashion blogs. A few post are published on weekends.

The site’s content features fashion related news, candid photos and magazine photoshoots, local event recaps, designer interviews, “Style on the Street", videos, daily shopping recommendations, local fashion news, and fashion related articles that often include political snark.


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