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dotProject is a web-based, multi-user, multi-language Project Management application. It is an open-source software and free for any uses and is maintained by an open community of volunteer programmers.


Structures and Features

Basic data elements and management functions include:

  • Projects and Tasks
  • Companies, Departments and Contacts
  • ToDo lists
  • Resources (rooms, equipment et al.)

Additional features:

  • Forums
  • Gantt charts (as of version 2.0 the task dependencies feature is not complete)
  • Access control via ACL
  • Reporting
  • History of all activities
  • Calendar


dotProject was originally developed by dotMarketing Inc. to be an open source replacement for Microsoft Project, having a very similar user interface, but extending to include project management functionality. Begun in 2000 the project was moved from to Sourceforge in October 2001.

The project stalled in late 2002 with the administrator not being contactable. Two of the more active developers, Andrew Eddie and Adam Donnison applied for, and were subsequently granted, administration rights to the project. Andrew continued to work on the project until he moved on to Mambo and subsequently Joomla. Adam remains an administrator.

dotProject is currently undergoing a major redevelopment using the Zend Framework, with version 3 of dotProject (dP3) the expected target release to be utilising the Zend Framework [1]. A fork called web2project [2] was initiated in 2007.

Support and Community

While day to day support is provided free by volunteers in both the forumsand via online documentation, optional commercial support is offered from the core development team Priority Support Forums.

As of August 2008, there were over 11,500 registered users in the dotProject forums and an average of 500–700 downloads each day Sourceforge Stats.

There is also a book written on the subject of using dotProject for project management entitled: "Project Management with dotProject" by Lee Jordan. ISBN 1847191649

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