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Douglas Earl Comer (known as Douglas E. Comer or Douglas Comer) is a writer and professor best known for his work in the early development of the Internet.


Education and career

Dr Comer holds a BA in Mathematics and Physics from Houghton College earned in 1971 and a PhD in Computer Science from Pennsylvania State University earned in 1976.

He is a distinguished professor of computer science and professor of electrical and computer engineering at Purdue University in the US.

Comer came back to Purdue University in August 2009, prior to that he was acting as Vice President of Research for computer networking company Cisco Systems[1].

Achievements and publications

Douglas Comer headed a number of research projects associated with the creation of the Internet, and is the author of a number of books on the Internet and TCP/IP networking.

Dr Comer is a fellow of the ACM[2] from 2000, as a recognition for his "work with IP-based networking supporting the modern Internet", as well as for his "contributions in research, education, and implementation in operating systems and networking"[3].


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