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Duck Duck Go
Duck Duck Go Logo
Commercial? Yes
Type of site search engine
Registration None
Owner Duck Duck Go, Inc.
Launched September 25, 2008
Current status Active

Duck Duck Go is a search engine based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania that uses information from crowd-sourced sites (like Wikipedia) to augment traditional results and improve relevance.



Duck Duck Go's results are a mashup of many sources, including Yahoo! Search BOSS, Wikipedia, and its own Web crawler (DuckDuckBot).[1] It uses data from crowd-sources sites to, among other things, populate "Zero-click Info" boxes, which are red boxes containing topic summaries and related topics above results.[2] Duck Duck Go also offers the ability to show mostly shopping sites or mostly info (non-shopping) sites via search buttons on its homepage.[3]


Duck Duck Go was founded by Gabriel Weinberg, a serial entrepreneur whose last venture (The Names Database) was acquired by United Online (NASDAQ:UNTD) in 2006 for $10M.[4] Gabriel has a B.S. in Physics and an M.S. in Technology and Policy from MIT.[5]

Duck Duck Go appears to have been initially self-funded by Mr. Weinberg.[6] As of June, 2009 there are no reports on the Web of additional financing.


Some reporters have called the Duck Duck Go name silly or inappropriate for a search engine.[7] When questioned about the name, founder Gabriel Weinberg has explained, "[r]eally it just popped in my head one day and I just liked it. It is certainly influenced/derived from Duck Duck Goose, but other than that there is no relation, e.g. a metaphor."[8] The company's FAQ says something similar.[9]


Duck Duck Go is a general purpose search engine and is thus a competitor to Google search, Yahoo! Search, Bing and the other general search engines.[10] At the same time, it produces its own content pages, and so also is similar to sites like Mahalo, Kosmix and SearchMe.[11]


Duck Duck Go has been featured on Techcrunch as a part of Elevator Pitch Friday [12], and was a finalist in the BOSS Mashable Challenge.[13]


Duck Duck Go has been steadily growing. estimates ~40K US visitors in May, 2009 [14] and, as of June 11, 2009, Alexa reports a 3 month growth rate of 134%.[15]

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