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E-mail drip marketing is a form of e-mail marketing where a company sends ("drips") e-mail messages to subscribers on a scheduled basis established using e-mail marketing software.[1]

As an example, a real estate lead may be interested in home listings for a specific area. He could be sent an introductory message, then be placed on an automated e-mail drip campaign where updated home listings are sent to him on a weekly basis.

E-mail drip marketing can be an extremely effective way to brand a business to big ticket leads that may still be in "research mode" for weeks if not months.[2] A lead may be more inclined to do business with a company whose email drip marketing campaign is effective, meaning that the company has sent him helpful information throughout the research period.

As with any form of e-mail marketing, e-mail drip programs must be constructed carefully so that the messages will not be intercepted by spam filters.


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