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Operating system Mac OS X10.5
Website http://e15.media.mit.edu

E15 is a scriptable OpenGL interface to web content, developed at the MIT Media Lab in John Maeda's Physical Language Workshop. It presents users with a simplified way to both access and visualize web multimedia in three dimensions. Web page screen captures, images, video and text can be created within the E15 3D context.



Work on E15 began in 2007 due to frustration with the limitations of the 2D web browser interface. E15 provides an interactive Python interpreter console that enables users to decide how to format and interact with data on the web.

Technical Details

In contrast to other programming IDEs, an E15 session does not need to be stopped and re-compiled for visual experiments. The E15 session is always active, and data can be added, modified, or removed from the visual E15 context at the user's discretion.

E15 includes an embedded WebKit-based web browser, allowing access to web data traditionally accessible only through the use of browser extensions and plugins. This embedded browser can be used to evaluate custom JavaScript methods, allowing users to modify web page presentation in a manner similar to Greasemonkey. However, this data is passed directly back into the E15 Python environment where it can be used to create new visual representations based on data only a well-formatted DOM can provide.


In addition to the deployment of E15 in a web context, it can also be used as an interactive environment for learning and experimenting with graphics programming and data visualization.

Platform Compatibility

Currently, Mac OS X 10.5 only.

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