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eSnips homepage
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Social sharing service
Registration Not required for most services
Owner Private
Created by Yael Elish, Nahum Sharfman and Alon Elish

eSnips is a web 2.0 interest-driven social sharing site that allows users to share content, promote and sell their creations and form social niche communities around their specific areas of interest. Members can upload and share content in any file type from one centralized profile, in folders representing their different areas of interest, and can determine the audience for each folder. The company headquarters is currently in Israel and its team is composed of 13 full-time members, divided into R&D, Marketing and Technical support. [1]




This page is used to share personal information about each user using several designs (skins), see comments (and favorites) from other users, and organize his/her content in folders and files.


Using folders, users can organize their files among several subjects. Some folders even contain hard-to-get music such as entire X-Ray Dog albums. Folders can be public, private, or invitation based. This way, an eSnips’ user can control what content he shares with a person, can upload and store personal family pictures, share professional documents with work colleagues, or share his passions, hobbies and interests with web surfers. In addition, the platform allows comments, personal posts, RSS, and several display and personalization options on folders’ pages.


The communities are composed of microportals that organize all the content and profiles that are part of each specific community. eSnips MicroPortals provide a centralized view into all aspects of a community regardless of size or type. This includes the latest, most popular and favorite files and folders, access to new and favorite members, a forum to discuss community affairs, and community-only areas that list unique tags, news and activities.

Any MicroPortal can be formed around a group of people who use the same tags (categories) to describe the content they publish. In order to be part of the community, users must tag their files or folders with the community keywords. For example, in order to be part of the DJs community, users must tag their audio files with one of the following keywords: remix, dj, deejay, mix, rave. eSnips Communities include remix, paranormal, spirituality, poetry, photography, painting, gifts, crafts, karaoke, and others.

Microportals are composed of the following information:

  • The newest, most popular, most favorite, and newly favorite files
  • The newest and most favorite people on the community
  • The newest, most popular, most favorite, and newly favorite folders
  • Last comments on the community
  • Latest forum posts
  • If relevant, an eSnips Radio channel.

Social sharing features

In order to facilitate social sharing among users and among the whole web, eSnips has added several Web 2.0 features that will help its users.

  1. Playlists and widgets: allow users to embed their favorite songs and pictures in their websites or Blogs
  2. Favorite and bookmarks: helps the system to classify folders and files, find related stuff, and recommend to users
  3. Posts and comments and the community forum (text, audio, and video with onsite recording): facilitate the interaction between users helping them to communicate among them.

eSnips Marketplace

Besides sharing files, eSnips also supports ecommerce transactions. Members who use eSnips to share their creative work, in any file format, can sell these items using Paypal. Marketplace features on eSnips allows users to post any item for sale, including original songs, videos, digital and traditional art, and more.[2][3]


File:Snippy Bird.jpg
Orange Bird logo
As a User-Generated Content website that provides a platform for people to share their interests[4], users can upload many different content, such as their karaoke singing, watercolor paintings, family photos, remixes, and so on. As a result, communities have been formed around the various areas of interest. The focus on people's interests brings creative content to eSnips and the micro-portal communities that bring these people together. As is germane to a Web 2.0 site, user involvement in controlling inappropriate content is very helpful. Flagging mechanisms allow users to warn the site about unwanted content and lets them be active in designing the community and site environment they are part of.

Audible Magic

In February 2007 eSnips installed Audible Magic. This system is intended to automatically recognize copyrighted audio using a database of copyrighted tracks. [5]


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