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Developer(s) createTank
Stable release 5.1 / August, 2006
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Service-oriented architecture * Software framework
License Apache 2.0 License and GPL
Website elemenope.org

Created and maintained by createTank, elemenope is a Service Oriented Architecture [SOA] and general messaging framework. elemenope may also be considered an application toolkit. elemenope is correctly spelled completely in lowercase, and is pronounced L-M-N-O-P or \"el-em-en-O-'pE\.



elemenope has been in active development since 1999. The framework started as a manner in which to simplify the process of integrating legacy systems with new development. elemenope has served as a proving grounds for architectural concepts.

elemenope was released as Free and Open Source Software FOSS in 2003. Originally licensed under the GNU General Public License, the Apache License 2.0 was added as an additional licensing option in 2006.


  • SOA
  • Simplification of Application Architecture
  • Separation of Service from Operation (functional) implementations
  • Decoupling of an enterprise’s components through standardized communications interfaces.
  • Platform for simplified software development on top of an extremely advanced architectural environment.
  • Fully developed application toolkit
  • Simplified creation of large scale multi-platform application for messaging or transaction processing.
  • Simplification of the architecture of large enterprise systems through standardization of functional components and message pathways.
  • Simplified tracing of problems and collection of metrics at multiple levels, as every unit of application functionality implements the same interface, and all requests follow a similar path.
  • Architected at a much higher level than most other SOA implementations to be transport and protocol agnostic, and to concentrate on providing multiple architectural abstractions.
  • EAI components for integration of mainframe application.

Architectural Features

  • Abstraction of transport/protocol connectivity—Abstraction of connectivity issues promotes ability to integrate new software with legacy applications through simplification of connections.
  • Functional logic (business logic) abstraction — ability to separate business logic implementation code from the service protocol implementation which is calling it.
  • Transport/protocol abstraction — ability to change service transport protocol in configuration file with no change to business logic implementation code.
  • Payload abstraction — The ability to send a payload (the object sent to the Operation) without regard to what protocol might be in use.
  • Synchrony abstraction—the proposed ability to generically call a Service/Operation without regard to whether the target service is configured as a Synchronous or Asynchronous protocol.
  • Fault Tolerant Messaging — the ability to transparently failover a call or request from one service transport protocol to another upon failure with no changes to the functional code or business logic implementation.

Supported open standards

  • Java Message Service JMS
  • SOAP Web Services (SOAP over HTTP)
  • XML-RPC Web Services
  • Direct Call
  • Native IBM MQSeries (WebSphereMQ)
  • Built-in mainframe connectivity classes for use when connecting to a mainframe running IBM MQSeries with the IMS Adapter or IMS Bridge

Goals of elemenope

  • Abstraction of connectivity within an enterprise application
  • Ease incorporation of detailed knowledge from subject matter experts
  • Implementation of multiple transports
  • Transport agnostic business logic implementation
  • Ability to configure and reconfigure service transport protocol and services
  • Simplification of Enterprise Application Architecture
  • Powerful and extensible SOA through separation of Service from Operation

Software Library Utilizations

  • Apache AXIS
  • Apache XML-RPC
  • Apache Jakarta Commons
  • Jetty
  • Hibernate
  • IBM WebSphereMQ/MQSeries
  • Spring Framework

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