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Encyclopedia Titanica is an online reference work containing extensive and constantly-updated information on the RMS Titanic.[1] The website, a nonprofit endeavor, is a database of passenger and crew biographies, deck plans, and articles submitted by historians or Titanic enthusiasts. In 1999, The New York Times noted that the site "may be the most comprehensive Titanic site", based on its content including passenger lists and ship plans.[2]



Encyclopedia Titanica was founded by Philip Hind. The website first went on-line September, 1996. By March, 1999, the website had received 600,000 hits. It is currently the most renowned and comprehensive resource for information on the Titanic.


Encyclopedia Titanica contains a wide range of information about the ship, her passengers and a variety of related subjects. Each passenger and crew member has a separate page containing at least basis biographical data, and many of these contain detailed biographies, photographs and contemporary news articles. The site also contains original research by professional and amateur Titanic historians from all parts of the world.

Encyclopedia Titanica also contains an active message board with (as of October 2007) over 5,000 members and 200,000 messages. Among the topics of discussion on the message board are the following:

  • Passenger Research
  • Cabin Numbers
  • Collision and Sinking Theories
  • Crew Research
  • Discovery, Salvage and Exploration
  • The Gilded Age
  • Life on Board
  • Lost and Saved

  • Ships that may have stood still
  • Construction and Design
  • Titanic Art, Photography and Music
  • Titanic Books
  • Titanic Movies
  • Titanic on TV
  • Other Ships and Shipwrecks


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