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Stable release 1.0.5[1] / December 10, 2009; 132007831 ago
Written in PHP 5.x
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Customer Relationship Management
License MIT
Website http://www.epesibim.com/

epesiBIM is an open source, web based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) multiuser application. BIM stands for 'epesi Business Information Manager' with the goal of providing functionality beyond the typical CRM. It is based on epesi framework and it's designed to work on any operating system with http server with php 5.x and MySQL or PostgreSQL database server.



In the middle of 2006 company Telaxus LLC has started a project named TCMS (Time and Customer Management System). By the end of year 2006 first commercial application based on this product was released. By may, 2007 TCMS was renamed to epesi and core of this product was released as open source framework and published on Sourceforge[2]. During the next twelve months the application was expanded with CRM functionality and this package is now available as epesiBIM.

Since the first release published on Sourceforge, epesi was downloaded over 10,000 times (as of December 2009)[3].


epesiBIM is available in two versions:

  • epesiBIM open source
  • epesiBIM premium

Open source version is a base, with basic CRM and bugtracker functionality. Premium version includes additional, commercial modules that automate business processes.



epesiBIM is another open source CRM application. Their online demo looks quite promising, hinting to a good project architecture. It also runs quite fast, and uses AJAX all over. However, the project seems in an earlier development stage than SugarCRM and vtiger CRM, so a detailed feature and stability evaluation is adviable before choosing it. It offers the typical CRM features such as contacts, task, calendar, mail and phone call management.

It seems to be strong in a tidy data organization. For example, it’s very comfortable to navigate from tasks to concerned customers contacts, and from there to all their mails etc..

Their SourceForge project page shows that the project is under active development as of 2009-11.


As a fan of CRM applications I've been playing around with a few recently, at the moment top of my favourites list is epesi.

"epesi BIM is an open source web based application to store, organize and share information related to your business. The basic package includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules which are centered around companies, not contacts."

Its the fact that as the blurb says its centered on the Company rather than the contact this is where most of the CRM packages go wrong in my opinion for sales people like myself we try to sell to the company sure its the person responsible we speak to but its the company that buys the product or service. Theres nothing worse than one of your sales team saying "Joe Bloggs wants 50,000 units" who the hell is Joe Blogs? imagine you have 1000 companies you're dealing with, multiply that by 3 or 4 contacts per company and you can see the chances of you having at least 7 or 8 Joe Bloggs in your database.

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