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URL ex.plode.us
Commercial? yes
Type of site Search engine
Available language(s) English
Owner Curverider Ltd
Launched 2007
Current status inactive

ex.plode.us AKA Explode is a website search engine that indexes people. It is created by Curverider, the people behind the Elgg social networking platform. [1] Ex.plode.us aggregates social data from 43 Things, flickr, jaiku, Live Journal, tribe.net, twitter, and YouTube.

Initially launched as Explode! in February 2007 [2] as purely a social network aggregation utility and widget it was re-launched in May 2007 as a people search engine.[3]

In August 2007 a Facebook version was released, taking advantage of the recently opened Facebook API[4][5]. However, the Facebook application does not allow ex.plode.us to aggregate information from Facebook.

In February 2008 a discussion on tribe.net dominated by tribe users who voiced privacy concerns resulted in tribe.net blocking ex.plode.us from accessing tribe users' FOAF data.[6] Individuals who were users of both ex.plode.us and tribe.net lost a great deal of their network on ex.plode.us.

As of February 2010, ex.plode.us no longer exists.

Also note that it has hacked(weak passwords?) into some YouTube users accounts to get the 'sign up name' to display with the 'user name'. Google still has searches related to this hacking.[citation needed]


The site offered a REST style API (Links unavailable as the site no longer exists).


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