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Type Public limited company
Founded 2000
Headquarters Paris, France
Industry Search Engine
Information technology
Information access
Products CloudView, Exalead Desktop, Exalead On-Demand
Revenue 15.5 million (2008)
Employees 160
Website www.Exalead.com

Exalead (pronounced /ɛɡˈzæliːd/ in English) is a French search engine involved in the Quaero project[1].

Exalead provides thumbnail previews[2] of the target pages along with the results, and allows advanced refining on the results page (language, geographic location, file type, categories) but also further data refinement, such as rich content (audio, video, RSS) and related terms, allowing users to browse the web by serendipity. To date, Exalead is the only search engine that has announced plans to adopt the Automated Content Access Protocol.



The company is a société anonyme based in Paris[3] and founded in 2000 by François Bourdoncle. Its name comes from the association between

  • the prefix exa which means 1018 (as in exabyte, used as a generic term for size, to imply large coverage of pages)
  • and the verb lead (as the customer is led through the search options)

Exalead tries to integrate research functions in one piece of software, combining Internet, desktop and enterprise functionality.

Exalead employs approximately 160 people in 6 countries (in Paris, Milan, Weinheim in Germany, Glasgow, and New York).

Exalead.com specific features

Exalead attempts to add value to search results by displaying statistics and information about the results along the left-hand side of the page. This includes categorical and geographical information. Exalead's features include:

  • Proximity search supporting the NEAR operator
  • Nested search expressions
  • Autocompletion searches
  • Faceted search
    • by geographic location
    • by language (54 languages recognized)
    • by file type
    • by DMOZ categories
  • Related terms suggestions
  • Phonetic search is also available, which can be used when the orthography is not known
  • Search within results
  • Audio, video and RSS search (in the preview also pictures)
  • Search in Wikipedia

Exalead allows search with regular expressions, which can be used to solve crosswords and used in information retrieval algorithms.

On March 2, 2006, Exalead.com indexed more than 4 billion pages.[citation needed] The interface is available in five languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

On August 2, 2006, Exalead launched the beta version of its new interface, which is the default interface since the middle of October 2006.

The index size, as of June 2009, is a over 8 billion pages, 2 billion images, and 200 million videos.[citation needed]


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