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Fake IPL Player is a blog that started on April 18, 2009, the same time as the 2009 season Indian Premier League matches. It is written by an anonymous blogger who claims to be a member of the IPL team, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).[1]

However, the blog has become a cult, a raging phenomenon on the internet with a fan following that is numbered in hundreds and thousands. According to Mumbai-based digital marketing firm, Pinstorm, the fake IPL player blog had at its peak, on 26 April, 150,000 visitors, who each spent 15 minutes on the site, adding up to about 37,000 hours spent on the blog in one day, putting it up there with popular individual led blogs such as Aamir Khan’s blog at its peak with about 170,000 visitors.[2]

The blog received media coverage across the cricketing world. Every newspaper and TV news channel in India covered the blog and its revelations in detail through out the duration of IPL. In England, newspapers such as Guadian and Times covered the blog. Similarly, it was covered in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Pakistan.

The blogger refers to the IPL players by pseudo-names and describes minute details of apparent happenings in the IPL back-rooms as he sees it, especially KKR.[3] The management of the KKR team, in its website, has termed the blog as "poison pen writing of the dirtiest variety."[4]

The blogger posts a disclaimer that says "All characters appearing in this work (blog) are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintentional."

The last blog appeared on June 15, 2009.

Fake IPL Player's book The Gamechangers is scheduled to release in February 2010. It promises to expose all that goes on in the corridors of power in world cricket.


During his initial blogs, Fake IPL Player maintained that he wanted to retire from all forms of cricket after the 2009 Indian Premier League and that he would reveal his identity at the end of the tournament.[citation needed] On May 9, the blogger posted a poll asking readers if they wanted him to reveal his identity.[citation needed] More than 60,000 votes were cast on the blog, a majority of whom wanted him to disclose his identity. However, on the scheduled date, he released a shadow play video where he spoke about himself but didn't reveal who he was. He also said that he wants to write a book to disclose all the information about cricket and what goes on behind the scenes.


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