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Fantasia's multiple worlds was an adult-oriented talker that ran NUTS 2.1. It began initially while Fantasia was Super User of lintilla in 1995, then was hosted on lintilla itself, and eventually became its own Multiple Worlds in its own right. It operated from July 1995-late 2002. The number of worlds varied over time, with as many as 30 existing in 1997, but it had dropped to only 2 by the time that it closed in 2002.



Fantasia was the second ever Super User of lintilla in July 1995 (and the first that lintilla recognise), after Sleepy was fired and went on to make her own chat site. A friend called Tick coded her first worlds "The Castle" and "The Island" which were opened with help from Ratatosk, the owner of lintilla, and they were hosted at a site in Germany. In December 2005, Ratatosk offered Fantasia lintilla's 4000 ports to store her talkers. She agreed, and began to create more talkers on lintilla's server in her own vision, and had 2 copies of her original worlds "The Castle" and "The Island". On October 26, 1996, the talkers were moved to galaxynet, and at that point had 15 worlds. Fantasia retired as SU of lintilla at that point, and became owner and manager of her own talkers in her own right. From 1996-1998, the talkers grew to number 30 worlds. In 1998 Fantasia moved her 2 original talkers, "The Castle" and "The Island" to Shortly thereafter she closed the remaining 28 worlds. The two talkers remained on until 2002.

Ending of Fantasia's multiple worlds

Fantasia's multiple worlds was most popular from December 1995 to October 1996 when they were hosted on lintilla. After moving to galaxynet and then, and removing 28 of the worlds, the user base dropped dramatically, and in 2002 Fantasia finally decided to call an end to the project.

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