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Fashion Net
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Fashion
Available language(s) English, Spanish and Japanese
Owner Fashion Net Inc.
Launched January 1995

Fashion Net is a fashion-specific search engine and guide aimed at style conscious consumers. It was founded by Stig Harder in 1994 in Paris, France. Now headquartered in New York, the site is available in English, Spanish and Japanese. Launched in January 1995[1], Fashion Net was Internet's first fashion site and as such helped motivate the fashion industry to go online.


Internet in the mid 1990s

In the mid 1990s, the Internet was still largely a research network populated by academics. But the strong appeal of this entirely new medium was made evident by the pioneering efforts of fashion's early online entrants and the quick adoption by both independent and established fashion publishers, designers and visual artists soon followed. 'The Fashion Page' was launched on the internet in September 1994, making it the first fashion site on the net. As Nick Knight — possibly the very first fashion photographer to embrace the Internet — succinctly put it, it showed great potential over "yet another glossy picture in a magazine."


As of late 2006,'s userbase was 1.2 million per month. Fashion Net's reach is evidenced by its position on major search engines; when searching for 'fashion,' is the number one search result on Google[2], Yahoo, Bing,, Alta Vista, Hotbot, MSN, and Lycos.

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