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File:FluxBB 1.3.png
FluxBB 1.3 Screenshot
Developer(s) FluxBB.org Developers
Stable release 1.2.22 / August 31, 2009; 140728241 ago
Preview release 1.4 RC1 / January 7, 2010; 129582641 ago
Operating system PHP / MySQL
Type Internet forum
License GPL
Website fluxbb.org

FluxBB is a lightweight free software PHP-based internet discussion board system. FluxBB is a fork of the PunBB project, created in response to developers protesting the increasing emphasis of a partnership with a corporate organization on the PunBB project.[1] As with PunBB, it is released under the GNU General Public License.[2][3][4]



FluxBB is a fork of PunBB which was created by Rickard Andersson. In 2007, PunBB was sold to a commercial company. Development continued under the direction of Rickard Andersson until April 2008. At that time Rickard Andersson announced he would be ceasing his active involvement with the project, at least temporarily.

In light of the changed circumstances the remaining members of the development team decided to fork the project in order to regain control over future project direction. FluxBB was the result of this decision.[4]

FluxBB was announced as a finalist in SourceForge.net's 2008 Community Choice Awards in the "Best New Project" category.[5]

Although it was developed under a version 1.3 branch under both PunBB and FluxBB, it was announced in January 2009 that the then-current 1.3 branch would be discontinued, and that the future FluxBB 1.4 would revert to being based on the 1.2 codebase. As a result, version of 1.3 with all known bugs fixed was released as the "1.3-legacy" in April 2009.[6]

To maintain compatibility between the two forum systems, the PunBB developers have imported changes to the core made in FluxBB to the PunBB core, although it is foreseen that the two forums' feature sets will diverge in the future.[7]

Future development

FluxBB 1.4, which is a direct upgrade from 1.2 and 1.3, will include new features such as full UTF-8 support which 1.3 includes, but will not include 1.3's additional functionality. FluxBB 1.4 will have a new default skin.[8]

FluxBB 2.0 will be a totally new branch from scratch, and it is a successor to 1.3. It will add a new one-click extension system which allows users to easily extend features and functionality, although the feature was originally included in FluxBB 1.3. FluxBB 2.0 also improves markup and CSS, adds a templating system, subforums/no categories mode.[6][9]

Release history

Old release
not supported
Old release
still supported
Current release Test release Future release
Name Version Release date Significant changes
FluxBB 1 1.2.18 2008-05-09[1] A stability update for 1.2 which fixes several known issues with PunBB 1.2.17.
1.2.19 2008-07-10[10] Addresses three fairly serious security vulnerabilities and provides a fix for an issue with userlist.php.
1.2.20 2008-07-13[11] Removes the code added in include/parser.php which was causing the BBCode issue and replaces it with new code which handles the underlying issue in a different way.
1.2.21 2008-12-04[12] Fixed a subtle permissions bug.
1.2.22 2009-08-31[13] Fixes an XSS vulnerability and minor internal changes
1.3 Beta 2 2008-05-09[1] First FluxBB 1.3 beta release.
1.3-r718 2009-01-11[6] 1.3 version with obvious issues fixed.
1.3-legacy 2009-04-23[14] 1.3-r718 with minor issues fixed.
1.4 Beta 1 2009-05-26[15] First FluxBB 1.4 beta release.
1.4 Beta 2 2009-08-09[16] Second FluxBB 1.4 beta release.
1.4 RC1 2010-01-07[17] First FluxBB 1.4 release candidate.
1.4 TBA Based on 1.2, with UTF-8 support, MySQL/MySQLi dblayers that use InnoDB, split and merge posts.
FluxBB 2 2.0 TBA Including features from 1.3, with additional features such as per-style templates and other unannounced features.

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