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FoodMayhem is a food blog featured on the NYC TV show Cool in Your Code [1]. It features entries from co-creators Jessica and Lon, a wife and husband team living in New York City. FoodMayhem frequently updates its content (about two main articles and many Twitter per day). Its primary contributor, Jessica, is a culinary- and pastry-trained chef who studied both at The Art Institute of New York City; Jessica worked under Chef Didier Virot and Pastry Chef Jehangir Mehta.

FoodMayhem was officially formed in February 2006 when Jessica and Lon were living together. They combined earlier content (as far back as January 2002) from their individual blogs.

2008 has been a strong year for FoodMayhem. Blogger featured FoodMayhem as a blog of note early in the year[2]. A month later, The Village Voice referenced FoodMayhem for its coverage of the 2008 Choice Eats event. In October 2008 New York Magazine referenced FoodMayhem's critical coverage of Alinea[3].


FoodMayhem is frequently syndicated to major web publications including and Reuters.[citation needed]


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