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FrameNet is a project housed at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, California which produces an electronic resource based on semantic frames. A semantic frame can be thought of as a concept with a script. It is used to describe an object, state or event. The FrameNet lexical database contains around 10,000 lexical units (a pairing of a word with a meaning; polysemous words are represented by several lexical units), 800 semantic frames and over 120,000 example sentences. FrameNet is largely the creation of Charles J. "Chuck" Fillmore.




Examples of frame names are Being_born and Locative_relation. Alongside the name, a frame contains a textual description of the concept it represents.

Frame elements

Each frame has a number of core and non-core frame elements which can be thought of as semantic roles. The only core frame element of the Being_born frame is called Child, non-core frame elements being Time, Place, Relatives, etc.

Lexical Units

Alongside the frame, each lexical unit is associated with a number of frame elements through annotations.


FrameNet has shallow data on syntactic roles that frame elements play in the example sentences. For the example sentence above, the frame elements Child and about AD 460 are both noun phrases.


FrameNet also exposes the statistics on the valences of the frames, that is the number and the position of the frame elements within example sentences. The sentence She was BORN about AD 460 falls in the valence pattern NP Ext, INI --, NP Dep which occurs two times in the example sentences.

Example sentences

Frames are associated with example sentences and frame elements are marked within the sentences. Thus the sentence She was BORN about AD 460 is associated with the frame Being_born, while She is marked as the frame element Child and about AD 460 is marked as Time. (See the FrameNet Annotation Report for born.v.)


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