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Developer(s) Wayne Venables
Stable release 0.6 / July 6, 2007; 208801047 ago
Platform Web / PHP / SQL
Available in English
Type Forum software
License BSD License
Website Fruit Show

FruitShow is a minimalist, free forum package based on the forums at and designed for The philosophy is that social atmosphere is a by-product of software design. No registration, clean design, and easily skinable.



FruitShow was created in January 2006 in response to Joel Spolsky closing the "Off Topic" Joel on Software forum after the death of Chris McKinstry. [1] To fill the gap, Wayne Venables created a clone of the FogBugz forum calling it FruitShow after a post made by one Sathyaish Chakravarthy, a sometime poster on Joel's forums. [2][3]


Using the principles laid out the article Building Communities with Software, FruitShow follows a minimalistic design with no registration, no threading, no sub-forums, and no bouncing. With an emphasis on ease of use, FruitShow is fast, user-friendly and puts an emphasis on conversation.

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