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Fusion Secure WebPilot Browser is an embedded systems specific browser, written in the ANSI C programming language. The secure version of Fusion WebPilot browser, it provides all of the functionality of Unicoi Systems' Fusion WebPilot embedded web browser with support for secure transactions (SSL) via the Fusion HTTPS with SSL software module. Like its standard browser counterpart, it is OS, CPU and network stack independent. It is also portable across all platforms, like the standard Fusion WebPilot. The Fusion Secure WebPilot Browser can be placed onto any BSD socket TCP/IP stack; however, it is worth mentioning to developers that most of the optimization work by the vendor has been conducted for the Fusion TCP/IPv4/v6 stack.

Adding security features increases the ROM footprint of any application. While the basic browser has a 100 Kbyte memory footprint, SSL and JavaScript increase the overall ROM footprint of Fusion Secure WebPilot Browser to 1 Mbyte.


The below features were provided from the Unicoi Systems web site with permission from the vendor:

  • Small footprint core Web Browser
  • Portable across all platforms including Linux
  • Optional security (SSL) support
  • HTML 4.0
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • HTML Tables and HTML Frames
  • HTTP 1.0, 1.1
  • Support for Plugins
  • Arrow key navigation
  • Attributes of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator included to correctly render pages optimized for these browsers
  • Japanese support (Kanji)
  • GIF, GIF89a (animated GIF), JPEG, and BMP (non-compressed) support
  • Optional JavaScript support
  • Full cookie support
  • Cache
  • Authentication support (realm/user/password)
  • Does not need Windows or any other OS
  • Interface with any BSD sockets TCP/IP stack (optimized for Fusion TCP/IP)
  • Use to connect your devices to Web server on Intranet, private net or the Internet
  • Touch screen support with PC-style on-screen keyboard
  • Video resolution from 1-bit monochrome to 24-bit true color
  • Graphics toolkit / GUI included at no extra charge
  • Fixed footprint heap
  • Designed for embedded and real-time applications

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