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GMX (global mail exchange) is also the name of a German company with an international webmail product GMX Mail.

GMX is a collection of current and proposed standards, primarily targeted at the needs of the translation industry, although able to be used for other purposes also. They are concerned with measuring quantitatively aspects of a document, particularly those with relevance to the translation process (e.g. word counts, complexity). The primary use cases are in quoting, estimating and billing translation work.

GMX-V is the first of the three standards to be completed. Work will commence in 2007 on GMX-Q and GMX-C. Quality (GMX-Q) will deal with the level of quality required for a task. For example, the quality required for the translation of a legal document is much higher than that for technical documentation that will have a relatively small audience. Complexity (GMX-C) will take into consideration the source and format of the original document and its subject matter. For example, a highly complex document dealing with a specific tight domain is far more complex to translate than user instructions for a simple consumer device.

GMX-V forms part of the Open Architecture for XML Authoring and Localization (OAXAL) reference architecture.


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