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GNOME Office
File:Gnome Office.PNG
Developer(s) GNOME
Stable release 2.22
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Office suite
License GNU Lesser General Public License

GNOME Office is a free office suite for GNOME which consists of:

  • Agnubis[1] presentation tool (was in development; no activity observed lately.)
  • Criawips Presentation tool that aims to be powerful, but it is still immature.

The Debian project includes additional applications in this list[2]:

  • Dia diagram editor
  • GIMP raster graphics editor
  • Inkscape vector graphics editor
  • XSane graphical frontend of scanner access
  • Planner[3] project management tool

The integration between the various applications in the suite is rather loose, and therefore GNOME Office could be considered to be merely the collection of desktop productivity applications written for the GNOME environment rather than an office suite in the usual sense.

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