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GTalkr was a web-based Flash program used to connect to Google Talk. It was similar to MSN Web Messenger, Yahoo! Web Messenger and AIM Express, except that it used Flash. It allowed Google Talk users to log in to Google Talk and send instant messages to friends using a web browser with Flash installed.

GTalkr did not support voice calls. However, it had several features that the Google Talk client did not offer. Users could view their last few unread Gmail messages in a pane and upload a profile image (the latest version of Google Talk supports this feature). Widgets included links to digg, TechCrunch, Flickr, and YouTube. Gtalkr also provided subscription to RSS feeds.

GTalkr was not affiliated with Google. No information (instant messages, passwords, etc.) was ever stored on GTalkr servers. The site connected to the Google Talk network using the HTTPS protocol.

GTalkr was taken down on May 13, 2006. The program's creators cited their employment by Google as the reason for the service's closure.

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