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GVFS[1] is a replacement for GnomeVFS,[2] the GNOME Virtual File System. GVFS optionally allows supported virtual file systems to be mounted through FUSE.[3]

GVFS consists of two parts: a shared library which is loaded by applications supporting GIO and GVFS itself, a collection of daemons which communicate with each other and the GIO module over D-Bus. This moves the virtual file systems out of client processes, unlike GnomeVFS, but somewhat similar to KIO.

Supported backends include HAL integration, SFTP, FTP, WebDAV, SMB, ObexFTP, and archive mounting support (through libarchive).[4]

As of July 2009, 107 of 113 registered GNOME components have been ported to GIO,[5] as necessary to support GVFS URIs. For components that don't currently support GVFS URIs, the GVFS-Fuse module is used, which gives absolute paths to applications, mounted under a folder in the user's home directory.

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