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Gamboo Web Suite
Developer(s) Gamboo - Digitale Mediengestaltung
Stable release 3.0 / August 10, 2009; 142618854 ago
Operating system Cross-platform
Type CMS

Gamboo Web Suite is a content management system developed by the company Gamboo - Digitale Mediengestaltung located in M√ľnster, Germany. Work began in March 2004. Combining three specialized content management systems - an online shop, a gaming/ eSport CMS and a community platform - a first stable release was in October 2004.
The system is written in PHP with an underlying MySQL database. Therefore it is making strong use of AJAX functionality based on the jQuery framework.
One of its strengths lies in the support for eSport clan (computer gaming) sites and online communities, particularly gaming communities (see list below).


Further features are permanently developed. These are some of the features included in the Gamboo Web Suite:

  • WYSIWYG-editor
  • Multilingualism
  • Statistics
  • User management (i. e. users, groups, rights, bans)
  • Ressource management/ media library (images, audio, video, documents etc.)
  • Calendar
  • ToDo-lists
  • Messaging (internal)
  • Contacts
  • Hierarchical structured pages
  • News
  • Articles
  • Coverages
  • F.A.Q.
  • Events
  • Downloads
  • Forums
  • Galleries
  • Polls
  • Online shop

Gaming/ eSport Features

Management for

  • matches
  • clans, teams, players
  • awards
  • leagues
  • games
  • races and parties (i. e. for Warcraft)
  • maps
  • demos and replays
  • servers

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