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The Gene Wiki is a project that facilitates transferring information on human genes to Wikipedia article stubs with the goal of promoting collaboration and expansion of the articles.[1][2]


Project goals and scope

Number of gene articles

The human genome contains an estimated 20,000–25,000 protein-coding genes.[3] The goal of the Gene Wiki project is to create seed articles for every notable human gene. More specifically, notable genes would include those whose function has been assigned in the peer reviewed scientific literature. Approximately half of human genes have assigned function, therefore the total number of articles seeded by the Gene Wiki project would be expcected to be in the range of 10,000 - 15,000. To date, approximately 9,000 articles have been created or augmented to included Gene Wiki project content.[4]


Once seed articles have been established, the hope and expectation is that these will be annotated and expanded by editors ranging in experience from the lay audience to students to professionals and academics.[1]

Proteins encoded by genes

The vast majority of genes encode proteins hence understanding the function of a gene generally requires understanding of the function of the corresponding protein. In addition to including basic information about the gene, the project therefore also includes information about the protein encoded by the gene.

Gene Wiki generated content

Stubs for the Gene Wiki project are created by a bot and contain links to the following primary gene/protein databases:

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