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Go Fug Yourself is a comedy blog devoted to fashion gossip.



The authors of the blog are Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks, who met when they were working as recappers for the website Television Without Pity, then known as Mighty Big TV.[1] Morgan and Cocks initially created the site as a diversion for themselves and their friends, but it quickly became popular and well known.

Content of site

The "Fug Girls", as they are known, use their weblog to ridicule and satirize a variety of fashion disasters, whether by established stars or by starlets. Among the celebrities frequently appearing in the blog are Maggie Gyllenhaal, Courtney Love, Kevin Federline, Bai Ling, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Bobby Trendy, Courtney Peldon, and Ashley Peldon. Additionally, the blog regularly features the questionable style choices of celebrities who are often lauded as fashion icons in the mainstream media, such as Sienna Miller, Chloë Sevigny, Mischa Barton and Mary-Kate Olsen.

The authors' use of the word "Fug" is discussed at length in the Go Fug Yourself FAQ. They sum it up by stating that "Fugly ... is a self-inflicted state, and no one seems to excel at dwelling in the depths of fug quite like pretty people with money to spare and little sense of how to spend it." Commonly, "fugly" is believed to be a combination of the words "fucking ugly"[2][3], although the authors claim it is a combination of "fantastically ugly."

Fug Madness

Each March, in an homage to the NCAA Basketball Tournament, Morgan and Cocks fashion a bracket featuring those celebrities deemed to have made the worst fashion faux pas in the previous calendar year. Each match-up is presented as a poll with which readers can determine who is "fuglier." The inaugural 2008 tournament was won by Bai Ling, who defeated Victoria Beckham in the final match. In 2009, Aubrey O'Day defeated Tilda Swinton in the ultimate match.

The Fug Awards

Morgan and Cocks co-authored The Fug Awards, which features a number of "honors" offered to the worst offenders in celebrity fashion, along with commentary similar to that found on the site. The book was released on February 6, 2008.


Go Fug Yourself was named one of Entertainment Weekly's 25 favorite entertainment sites in its June 23, 2006 issue. In 2005 it was named one of the 50 Coolest Websites by Time magazine and one of the Top 100 Best Things of the Year by CBC. It was named one of the 50 Most Powerful Blogs by The Guardian in March 2008. It has also been mentioned in Vanity Fair, Elle, Business Week Online, Harper's Bazaar, the Chicago Tribune, and Newsweek, among others.[1] The authors also blog regularly as "The Fug Girls" in New York Magazine.[4]


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