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Goobuntu is the unofficial name of a Linux distribution based on the 'long term support'-versions of Ubuntu, that Google uses internally. It adds a number of packages for in-house use, but does not have any other stark differences. Some have suggested that Google might plan to market the distribution more widely.[1][2][3] While both Google and Mark Shuttleworth, creator of Ubuntu, have confirmed that Goobuntu exists and is used internally,[4] both have strongly denied suggestions that Google has any plans to market the operating system.[5] Almost half of the 20,000 employees of Google use Goobuntu.[6]

Mark Shuttleworth has confirmed that Google contributes patches to Ubuntu.[7] Google has supported Ubuntu through the Ubucon conferences and in other ways. Although Shuttleworth and Google representatives have denied any plans to release Goobuntu outside the company, it nonetheless inspired ongoing speculation about Google entering the operating system business.

It is now known that Google is developing a Linux-based distribution that will be made available to the public, Google Chrome OS.[8]


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