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Google I/O is a web developer-focused conference held annually by Google to discuss web applications using Google and open web technologies. It has been held only twice to date, May 28-29, 2008, and May 27–28, 2009, at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. Major themes of the 2009 event spanned several Google products and technologies, namely - Android, App Engine, Chrome, Google Web Toolkit, OpenSocial, Google AJAX APIs, and the newly announced Google Wave.

Google I/O is styled similar to previous Google developer conferences, such as Google Developer Day in May 2007 and Geo Developer Day in May 2006. There are more than 100 technical sessions at Google I/O. At the inaugural conference in 2008, the band Flight of the Conchords performed on the evening of May 28.

Google "IO" stands for "Innovation in the Open"

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