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When you need a web site, it remains complicated to thwart other sites out of linking to yours. It can actually be advantageous to you, as a website owner, for other sites to link to your website. The backlinks improve your site's search engine ranking. In exclusive iFrame, a third party internet site owner links to your site in some manner that "steals" from your site's assets, as if they were his or her own. If you achieve not approve of the iFrame, make contact with the site proprietor to request the iFrame be removed.

Difficulty: Easy


1 Perform a search for your web site's address. Use any of the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing, also carry out any seek out for the subsequent information: "" (replace the universal domain name with your own website URL).

2 Review the websites that appear with the search results. Check for results that meet your site.

3 Click each individual website to determine whether or not your website is being iFramed.

Via Link Popularity Tools

1 Visit a website that allows you to check link acclaim. Some few internet site that allow you to check link reputation to free are SubmitExpress, SEO Centro and PageRank.

2 Search for your website's link popularity. Type your domain identify into the chosen "URL" field. For example, enter website."

3 Review the results about your search. You will visit a list of all websites that are linking to your website. Depending on the site you are using, the link popularity results may well be sent to your email address.

4 Click each unique web site that is listed with the link recognition results to decide whether or not your site remains being iFramed.

Tips & Warnings


SEO Logic: Search Engine Marketing FAQ


Submit Express: Link Recognition Check Instrument SEO Centro: Link Popularity Check Tool

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