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File:Googlepedia screenshot.jpg
Googlepedia with Firefox
Developer(s) James Hall
Stable release 0.6.0 / June 2, 2009
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Mozilla extension
License GPL
Origins and Lineage

Googlepedia is a free software extension to the Web browser Mozilla Firefox that displays relevant articles from the free Web-based encyclopedia, Wikipedia, on Google search engine results pages.



  • Turns internal Wikipedia links into Google search links
  • Uses Google's I'm Feeling Lucky feature to find relevant articles
  • Links images directly to their full-sized versions
  • Removes Google AdWords
  • Can be expanded to take the full width of the page
  • Invokes the local language version of Wikipedia based on the Google language
  • Remembers your searches and uses them to optimize your results


While it includes many features, the plugin has certain issues:

  • Searching: The Wiki article presented is the same page as would be returned by using Google's "I'm feeling lucky" limited within the Wikipedia website. Searches will typically show certain specific articles instead of the more useful disambiguation pages, sometimes even showing trivial articles in place of more substantial ones. (It may be possible to weight search results toward disambiguation pages by adding the term "disambiguation" to each search).
  • Linking: Redlinks (Wikipedia links for which no article yet exists) link to the "edit" page, instead of the default Google search term. By default, anonymous article creation is not allowed.
  • If a user is set to login by default into Wikipedia and the user has an alternative theme set in Wikipedia, the display of the Wikipedia section of the search does not render correctly.
  • When searching for something which (usually unintentionally) results in a large Wikipedia page, the entire web browser may occasionally lock up while downloading the article.

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