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The Green Building XML schema, referred to as “gbXML”, was developed to facilitate a common interoperability model integrating a myriad of design and development tools used in the building industry. gbXML is being integrated into a range of software CAD and engineering tools. This interoperability standard reduces the time to develop a building and also assures that when the building is put into operation it can meet the design intent.

NIST has studied building interoperability and determined more than $16B is wasted in the U.S. each year due to poor software integration and its impact on building and supporting a building.[1] By extension, this poor interoperability results in HVAC and control systems that are not tuned to the "Design Intent" of the services engineer. Through standards like gbXML, industry can leverage their existing applications to achieve gains in interoperability that result in a myriad of cost and environmental savings.


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