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GreyCobra or Grey Cobra or GC is a very popular graphics and web design community.



GreyCobra was started by founder David Leggett, age 16 at the time. Slowly building up speed, gaining reputation in the graphics community. GreyCobra has had a past of unique contests that have drawn a number of users to the forums. Contests include the $200 signature competition, where the winner would receive an iPod nano, or $200 in cash. Others include the ability to author tutorials for about $25 each, considering they were well thought of, with high quality content.


The site is split into four main parts (although it is referred to as the 'GreyCobra Trinity'):

-GreyCobra Main, which contains the news on various parts of the site

-GreyCobra Blogs, which are home to the designer blogs (in development, expected to be open to the public winter 2006-2007)

-GreyCobra Tutorials, which are tutorials relating to graphics design, flash animation and web design (coming very soon!)

-GreyCobra Forums, which are the active community forums


GreyCobra has achieved a number of awards from many different sites. These include features on sites like Pixel2Life. As of the site's 7th version's opening (July 2nd), the tutorials have received over 1,000,000 views.


GreyCobra has a unique policy of awarding money to those who contribute articles that are approved by the administrators of the site. GreyCobra is supported by Google Adsense ads throughout the tutorials, the main page and on the header of the forums.

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