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File:GroundReport logo.png
Commercial? Yes
Type of site News
Registration Optional
Owner Ground Report LLC
Created by Community
Launched 2006
File:Rachel Sterne.jpg
CEO Rachel Sterne

GroundReport is a global citizen journalism platform that enables anyone to publish news reports and videos and earn a share of ad revenues. With a mission statement to 'democratize the media,' GroundReport's 4,000 international contributors report from the scene of world events to add local, on-the-ground insight to international news. To establish trust, GroundReport uses a Wikipedia-like model of volunteer editors and community feedback, combined with a 5-star rating system. Contributors retain rights to their work, and can choose from a range of Creative Commons licenses[1]. The New York-based company was founded by Rachel Sterne in 2006, inspired by her work reporting on Darfur at the United Nations[2].

GroundReport is distinguished from citizen journalism competitors like NowPublic in its original content-only policy. Plagiarized and copyright-infringing material are strictly prohibited from GroundReport, and offending users banned from the site. The site updates constantly with 75-100 new stories per day. All GroundReport contributors receive automatic monthly payments via PayPal based on the unique traffic to their posts. Most GroundReport contributors are professionally trained journalists or journalism students. Hipple Patel is the Chief GroundReport Correspondent who reports on stories throughtout the week and is known for his love of news with the use of the web and sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

In June 2008, GroundReport became the first citizen journalism platform to use the YouTube API for its on-demand video publishing. Shortly thereafter, GroundReport became an official partner channel, and a flagship participant in their newly launched 'reporter' category. Among YouTube's official Beijing Olympics content partners[3], including the Associated Press, Reuters and New York Times, GroundReport was the only citizen news source[4].

In the live-streaming space, GroundReport is a featured flagship channel on broadcast platform Mogulus. GroundReport's live video coverage of the Democratic Debates, Aspen Institute and panel discussions including media figures like Arianna Huffington and Jeff Jarvis has been featured on Huffington Post, Salon, Silicon Alley Insider and TechCrunch.

In a CNNMoney interview[5], founder Rachel Sterne spoke live with a contributor from Kenya and described plans to expand GroundReport with regional editions. On September 17, 2008, GroundReport launched an Editor Program[6] enabling selected contributors to revise all content on the site. Major 2008 coverage included personal narratives of election day and breaking updates during the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

In January 2009 GroundReport announced a partnership with WNET Channel Thirteen program Worldfocus called Talk To US[7] that brings video citizen journalism narratives to national television. In January GroundReport also began syndicating content to the World section of Huffington Post.

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