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Visitors to in 2008

Gumtree is an extensive network of online classifieds and community websites. Private advertisements are free for first appearance only. It is the UK's biggest website for local community classifieds and one of the top 20 websites in the UK.[1][2] Local sites exist for Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, the UK and the USA; although many are under the Kijiji brand. The main categories are Housing; including "Flat Share/House Share" and "For Rent" and "Jobs".[3]

In 2005, Gumtree was bought by eBay for an undisclosed sum.[4]

Gumtree was heavily criticised when, in December 2009, it announced that it would be withdrawing its Personals section on 5th January 2010. This move was seen by the majority of users as profit-motivated and ultimately against the alleged "community" spirit of gumtree. A blog post giving notice of these changes attracted 633 posts before it closed, while people also turned to the forums to express their anger; many felt so let down that they vowed never to return to gumtree.[5]

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